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A Virtual Office Can Add A Professional Image for Your Business!

During the initial stages of building your business, I am sure you have heard about the importance of setting up a commercial office location. A physical location that is zoned for business speaks volumes for your company and it’s operations.

If you decide to use your home address for your company, keep in mind some lenders may not extend credit to a “home-based” business. But if you are adamant about having a commercial address but cannot afford renting out traditional office space and hiring someone to manage your calls, mail, files etc., then having a Virtual Office is what you need.


Here at Executive Office Suites, we offer various Virtual Office packages to help support you and your business and provide the professional image that you are searching for. Not only do you get a permanent mailing address and business phone number, but you get 24 hour access to our services which includes 3 meeting rooms and flex office space and a virtual admin (who you do not have to pay) who will answer your calls and help with your mail.

Give your business the professional image you require to get ahead of the competition. Call today for more information or stop by to tour our facilities!

Image Source: Executive Office Suites

Written by Carbajo Republished with permission by Alliance

Hello Virtual Receptionists, Goodbye Distractions!


With the incredible advancements in mobile technology, it is entirely feasible to almost completely run your business from a device that is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Crazy, right? Today’s businesspeople and busy entrepreneurs utilize cell phones as their primary point of contact and sometimes, before we know it, we’ve wasted the better part of a workday fielding calls, “getting back in touch,” “circling back,” and “interfacing” with clients and colleagues via our phones. What happened to actually getting some work done? Wouldn’t it be nice to get more of that phone time back?

Executive Office Suites has your solution. Our live receptionist service takes the time-consuming tedium of answering calls out of your hands (literally) and places it in the very capable hands of our professionally trained reception team. This valuable service shifts the calls from your cell phone to our live receptionists who can screen and forward them to voicemail or to your cell phone, per your specifications. Saving your business time and productivity reaching new heights is what this will offer.

What’s more, you probably waste more time on your cell phone than you even realize. Every time you get a call and pick your phone up to respond, chances are you will stay on your phone to do any number of time consuming things (texting, checking social media accounts, opening various apps, reading the news, etc. etc.). Virtual receptionists will eliminate these distractions by cutting them off at the pass.


Image source: Scott Griessel

Written by McDuffie Republished with permission by Alliance